Tips For Creating An Argumentative Research Paper On Animal Testing

An argumentative research paper on animal testing should effectively present and prove your stand on the issue. Whether you see some benefits of testing drugs on animals or are categorically opposed to the idea, you should support your point of view with strong evidence in a logical and convincing way. Fortunately, the problem of animal testing has been widely discussed for years and it still remains to be controversial, which is a good sign that you won’t lack good ideas whatever side you take.

How to Research the Topic

It’s impossible to craft a strong argumentative paper impromptu. You should deeply explore the issue of animal testing before you set about writing. Moreover, it’s vital that you investigate two sides of the argument. You’ll make your work even stronger by considering both viewpoints and refuting the arguments of your opponents in a carefully thought-out and well-reasoned manner. Here are some tips that will help you collect relevant evidence on the topic:

  • Check both primary and secondary sources.
  • Use the library resources. A reference librarian will prompt which publications contain the necessary materials. When using the Internet, refer to the websites ending with “edu.” or “gov.”.

  • Search for direct quotations, examples, and statistics.
  • Your personal emotions won’t convince the reader, but the words of true scholars and numbers will do.

  • Look for the answers to the questions like:
    • Why are animals used to test drugs or cosmetics?

    • Are the results of testing on animals really helpful?

    • What negative influence (if any) do animals experience?

    • Can testing be conducted without using animals?

    How to Write Your Research Paper

    Now that you have all supporting evidence at hand, it’s important that you use it wisely. Use the following tips to do the work well:

    • Create a clear and detailed thesis.
    • Your thesis statement should clearly explain your major point, e.g. this is where you’ll tell whether you support or oppose animal testing. Provide enough details (your main arguments), explaining why you hold this position.

    • Develop an effective introduction.
    • Catch the reader’s attention in the very first sentence by providing a striking fact about animal testing. Give some background information and logically lead to your thesis statement.

    • Provide the results of your research in the body paragraphs.
    • Each of your arguments should be discussed separately and supported with relevant evidence. Cite the sources consistently.

    • Conclude on a strong note.
    • Rephrase your thesis, synthesize your main points, and explain why the topic of animal testing is important.