The Parts Of A Research Paper: What To Know About The Statement Of The Problem

In academic, students make the bulk of activities involved, with their tutors only serving as guides on what is expected to do and how to do it. In many occasions, students are always subjected to writing process as a means of displaying the knowledge they have gathered throughout the term. Well, when it comes to writing a research paper, students know just how important it is to partake on this exercise because it usually marks the epitome of one’s achievement. Also, producing academic papers based on actual filed studies is a good way to prepare students for anticipated challenges they are poised to experience in the job market. On this premise, field studies always have a strong bearing with professional mileage and in part, are indeed professional experience and one is allowed to say they have a year’s experience dating back to this very pivotal academic exercise. A study paper has a number of sections among which is the problem statement. To produce a good paper, a student is expected to understand in depth and detail what each section ought to entail. In this article, we however lays a special emphasis on problem statement especially with regard to what it is all about, so let’s take a dive in.

Does it answer the right questions?

Well, problem statement remains one of the mainstays of a research paper and to make sure it meets it purpose, it is important to craft it in such a way that it addresses the questions like what the study affects and does not affect, how the study affects the constructs or variable, identification of the problem and how is the issue a problem

Will the study address a problem?

Most studies are conducted to address a knowledge gap or solve some problems in the society. On this premise, it is always important to make sure the problem statement section captures this to the most effective way. In this regard, the problem statement should further state how the study will alter perceptions in trying to address an issue.

Precise statement of the problem

When crafting this section, it is important to make sure it focuses on one main theme as this you can do by using a few words as possible, say two or three sentences. However, it is also important to note that this section should not suggest solutions to the problem the study seeks to address.