Research paper guide: brainstorming techniques for creating great topics

There are plenty of brainstorming techniques that can be used when it comes to creating great topics for a research paper.

Working in groups

When it comes to brainstorming techniques, you will almost certainly find it best to work in a group of like-minded individuals, such as your classmates. You can bounce off each other’s ideas, use each other for inspiration. Ultimately, your friend or colleague might think of an idea that you almost certainly wouldn’t have done, likewise, you can then help them to explore that with further ideas that they might not have thought of themselves - in other words, between you, you can potentially come up with many more ideas than you would if you are on your own.

Various techniques that you can use

There are plenty of different techniques that you can use; for example, you can use various spider diagrams and other relevant tools to help you develop ideas. You can also simply try to list as many ideas as possible, based on the first things that come to your head. In fact, you can even use other people’s ideas for inspiration - including those listed below.

  1. Considering the benefits to society, governments should pay for college education for everybody
  2. Free healthcare should be a basic right for all citizens around the world
  3. Western countries should do more to help poor developing countries to improve their standard of living
  4. People are allowed to retire at too early an age
  5. Discuss the stigma attached to being labelled a criminal, and what effect this may have on individuals and societies in relation to preventing crime
  6. Is the “Roaring Twenties” an appropriate name for the decade, or does this name neglect the vast majority of people, whilst focusing on a select few who were privileged at the time?
  7. Compare and contrast the use of surgical procedures in the United States and the United Kingdom?
  8. When Bill Clinton famously said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman quote”, what impact did this have on his reputation as president?
  9. In Don Mclean’s song, American Pie, what is meant by the quote “bye, bye Miss American Pie”?
  10. How do feelings of hopelessness and a lack of inclusion within the main core of society help to increase crime rates and the likelihood that an individual will turn to the wrong side of the law?