10 Georgia History Research Paper Topics You Can Handle

If you need to choose a topic for your research paper about Georgia history, you should take some recommendations into consideration. Firstly, you should be careful choosing a historical topic, as you need to be sure in the facts and evidence that you are going to use. Secondly, you should collect as much material as you can to reveal the situation from different points of view. This means you may need some help to decide what to write about. So, if you really have problems with choosing a topic you like, you can look through the following ideas to generate your own one.

Moments in Georgia History You Can Study in Your Work

  1. Hernando De Soto and his explorations: evaluation of the impact he had on Native American cultures.
  2. The colony of Georgia and its colonial Charter of 1732: studying economics, charity, and defense.
  3. Living conditions in colonial Georgia.
  4. Government, slavery, and land ownership in the time of Georgia being a royal colony.
  5. The impact of American Revolution on Georgia.
  6. The Declaration of Independence and its consequences.
  7. Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the Georgia Constitution of 1777.
  8. The reasons to ratify the new constitution of Georgia.
  9. Analysis of the reasons and consequences of Creeks’ removal. The roles of William McIntosh and Alexander McGillivray.
  10. Alexander Stephens and the impact of his political career.

The abovementioned historical events cover only a part of the Georgia development. You don’t need to focus on this period of history, as these ideas are intended simply to stimulate your inspiration. Instead, you should look through the other historical periods to determine what events are the most interesting for your study.

What You Need to Create a Good Research Paper

Writing a research paper means you need search for the information from experts and to present your own thoughts about the subject. It involves studying a field of knowledge that is relevant to your subject, so be sure to choose a topic you will be able to find strong evidence of. You can also ask your professor for some extra materials. In the process of your writing task completion, you will need to analyze the material you have to make your own conclusions. The history of Georgia, as well as the history of any other state or country, is contradictory, so the goal of your research is to express your own thoughts but still back them up with evidence.