A Couple of Ideas on How to End a Research Paper on Abortion

Doing research on the issue of abortion, its pros and cons, and many other relevent problems, you can face a challenging situation. A great project needs a brilliant ending that will make the readers to revise their attitude to the issue. And you should know how to do it.

Types of Research Papers on Abortion

To begin with, you need to know that such projects can be of two types. In your case, they are “What abortion is” and “What abortion is not”. At the very beginning, if you haven’t received other instructions, you need to choose one of these directions. They will determine the direction for your investigation on the subject and, consequently, the ending of your project.

If you are speaking about what abortion is, you need to do a profound exploration of the subject, provide your readers with high-quality information on abortions they wouldn’t know, and, finally, come to a certain conclusion. For example, you can make a statement that abortion is a right of every woman (in case your paper works to confirm it). In case you are speaking what abortion is not, you need to render high-quality arguments that destroy stereotypes or myths around this operation. For instance, you can state that abortion is not a 100% cause of infertility in women in your conclusion (make sure you have really strong facts to prove this).

Demands to a Good Research Paper Ending

  • It repeats practically everything you have said in the intro but in a different shape. The ending chapter is here to show that you have achieved your goals.
  • It renders no new facts and no new information that hasn’t been spoken of in the intro or body of your work. In the ending, you underline the things said in your investigation and represent the findings in the brightest light.
  • It’s not too long. The introduction and conclusions should be short, compact, but informative. The body part should take the biggest volume in your work.

Academic Writing and Possible Help

If you feel that you have written the majority of your paper but get stuck at the ending and can’t cope on your own, seek effective help. It’s very important to start timely while your work hasn’t yet taken a wrong direction and gone too far. You need efficient support that comes from reliable sources: your teacher, professional custom writers, writing labs, etc. Think of the possible help you can resort to before you even start writing your project dedicated to abortion and its unexplored aspects.