How To Avoid Being Scammed By Custom Paper Writers

There are so many companies and writers on the internet that are trying to make a living by doing services for anyone that needs any type of writing completed. The problem that exists is that there are no prior qualifications to start this type of business so you have to ask important questions in order to find the reputable, trustworthy companies. Because of the internet, you could be dealing with writers from other countries where English is their second language which may cause significant problems for some. Here are some suggestions on how to avoid being scammed by custom paper writers:

  • Ask to see samples of actual writings from the writer that will be completing your assignment. This way you can get a feel for how they write and judge their skill and writing style. Remember your reputation is on the line so make sure you know who creating your paper for you.

  • Ask the company you are considering if they have processes in place to prevent plagiarism. Some scam artists will sell the same paper to multiple people and take the money and run. Make sure they can provide proof that your paper is unique by showing proof of software designed to prevent plagiarism.

  • Make sure the writing agency is willing to give you a written estimate that tells specifically what will be completed as well as the total cost of the project. With this type of estimate, the writer knows exactly what he is supposed to do and the client knows exactly what the total cost will be.

  • Look on their website and see if they have any customer referrals shown. All reputable companies will have some because they are an excellent form of free advertising. Try to read as many as possible. If the company doesn’t have any to show you, move onto another.

  • Find out if the company you want to use is informed about the different citation styles. Your professor will want your work in a certain style most likely so you need to make sure the writers are aware of those formats. Also make sure they have the most recent changes that may have occurred in those styles.

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