How To Write A Research Paper If The Deadline Is Nearing?

There are very few students who have not been caught short when it comes to getting their research paper in on time. Or at least they have not started working on their research papers soon enough and as result they find themselves rushing to make the deadline. There are three simple steps you can take to get yourself out of this hole and those three things are plan, plan and plan.

The one thing you must not do is panic. You will achieve success provided you remain calm and set out what needs to be done in a systematic and logical way.

I am assuming here that you have done very little as far as completing your research paper is concerned. Therefore you need to start from square one and that is to analyse your thesis statement. What is the main point you are seeking to make in your research paper? That will be the guiding light as you now create your plan.

Research on a limited basis

Because time is on the wing you cannot afford to do the normal amount of research you would undertake under normal circumstances. Select your choice of research material. Only read that material which is specific to your thesis statement. Take notes from your research and use those notes as you create your plan.

The plan is your key

You know in the introduction you will state your thesis statement and make a brief elaboration on how you will approach it. Then you come to the two or three fact paragraphs where you will make a major point in each and amplify them. The more detail you can put into this basic plan, the easier it will be to write your research paper and the quicker it will be done. Remember that you have a deadline which is looming large.

Once your plan is in place, write your research paper without bothering about such things as spelling and syntax. You need to produce your first draft as quickly as possible. You know what to write because you are referring to the detailed plan you have just created.

Once that first draft is completed you then go back over your work and make whatever corrections are necessary. You can complete your research paper in a limited time provided you don’t panic and have a plan to follow.