A Collection Of The Most Provocative Research Paper Topics In Law

A provocative research paper is a dissertation that would trigger many questions through a single question or argument and encourage debates and discussions. If you are about to write a provocative thesis on law and legal topics, you need to interpret standing laws of different countries from a broader perspective. You need to compare and analyze laws of different countries and do deep work to know how the laws have affected public life in those countries. In case you are not sure which topic to write about, here are top provocative essay topics for your easy pick-up.

  1. Differences between Turkish and American adoption laws

  2. Child abduction provisions in non-Hague countries

  3. Interpretation of Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan

  4. How the Israeli law on postponement of compulsory military services has affected the ultra orthodox community?

  5. Bitcoin regulations and laws in selected jurisdictions

  6. Constitution provision of religious identity in Pakistan

  7. The legal framework and implications for arbitration in Egypt

  8. Political and constitutional rights of religious minorities in Lebanon

  9. Judicial rights in Mali, Senegal, Benin and Burkina Faso: A comparative study

  10. How Spain’s Parrot Doctrine violates the European Convention of Human Rights?

  11. Laws for minors residing with parents behind bars

  12. Legal responses to 2011 East Japan earthquake

  13. Extradition of its own citizens: discussing from an European perspective

  14. Welfare Reform Act of 2012 in Great Britain: interpretations

  15. Firearms regulation and control policies in the United States

  16. Abortion laws in different European countries

  17. Seatbelt regulations and child restraints in different North American countries

  18. Should age restrictions on electronic cigarettes be rescinded?

  19. Health emergencies and the legal responses to the same

  20. Family reunification laws in the United States

  21. Border protection laws in different countries

  22. Legal status of immigrants and refugees in Syria

  23. Inheritance laws in European countries in 21st century

You can find more topics quite easily by going through an international law magazine or journal. Alternatively, you can go through research papers written by students of previous years. These samples can easily be found in your school or college library. You can also ask your friend who is studying with the same major for samples that he might have collected. Browsing through these samples makes it easier for any student to understand what to write on.

If you cannot find out relevant samples, you can go online and visit an academic writing service provider’s website that has lots of relevant samples which you can download.