Writing A Research Paper On Hamlet's Indecisiveness

Shakespeare has always been and continues to be one of the most discussed and debated upon figures in the literary world. His legacy continues to thrive centuries after his demise. One of his renowned plays, Hamlet, is taught in both schools and colleges. A distinguishing feature of this play is the key character’s portrayal of one of the worst human vices to exist, indecision. This continues to be a point of debate and analysis even today.

Literal proof of indecisiveness

If a student is keen on doing his research on Hamlet’s affliction of indecision, there is no greater source of evidence than the play itself. There is a huge plethora of quotes that the student can use to back up his paper with, the most famous of them being: “To be, or not to be, that is the question.” While citing these quotations, however, the student must remember to mention the right sources.

Hamlet’s rivalry with his uncle

The central plot of the play is based on the gradual development of a grudge on Hamlet’s part towards his uncle, who inherits the throne after Hamlet’s father’s death. This is one of the most important developments in the play as it signals the beginning of Hamlet’s internal turmoil: whether to go by his instincts or by facts? This indecision finally spirals out of control as the play ends with the death of Hamlet, his rivals, as well as his loved ones.

Psychological aspect of the play

The reason why this particular play of Shakespeare is so highly sought-after by students for research purposes is because it possesses several nuances that make its analysis all the more interesting. Whether Hamlet is simply a victim of indecision or a much more complicated delusion is a question that begins to plague the reader as soon as he begins to see his father’s ghost. This plot twist has proved to be a goldmine for students of literature, specialising in Hamlet’s mental instability, which begs the question whether Hamlet, the hero of the play is, in actuality, the villain.

Essay topics

The play, like the rest of Shakespearean literature, can be interpreted in many ways and is, hence, a favoured choice among students of literature.

  • Is the anti-hero in Hamlet the hero himself?

  • Human vice or psychopathic tendency: the stark portrayal of indecision in Hamlet

  • Hamlet’s mother: vamp or victim?

  • “But Hamlet is far more than an outstanding example of the revenge play.”: True or false?

  • Did Shakespeare predict modern day mental conflict through Hamlet’s feature of indecisiveness?