Tips For Crafting A Research Paper Introduction On Global Warming

    Most scientists will agree that the temperature of the planet is changing as a result of man made adjustments to the environment. If you want to conduct research on this, you should consider the following:

  • Define the term ‘global warming’
  • There has always been a cycle of fluctuating temperatures that takes place naturally. Some of these fluctuations have been charted as taking place long before mankind began to engage in Industrialization. In fact, quite a few of these peaks and valleys have been charted prior to the evolution of the human species. Make sure that you state clearly that you are referring to the warming that is influenced by human activity.

  • Consider switching the term to ‘climate change’
  • The problem with the previous term is that detractors tend to use the examples of cooling to disprove it. What is more evident is ‘climate change’ which means that some established weather systems are reversing. Colder countries are becoming unusually hot and warmer ones are sometimes getting snow or other unusual phenomena.

  • Watch some of the most recent documentaries on the phenomena
  • Climate change statistics may be difficult for the average person to understand but the documentaries that are produced on the topic simplify matters. They take the most important parts and make them easy for anyone to understand. They may even apply graphics so that figures like a 3 degree Celsius increase in temperature have more meaning for people who are unaccustomed to such measures.

  • Read up on studies that involve this topic
  • The studies will still be very useful to you. Get your hands on a few of them and make sure that you spend enough time figuring out what they really say. Some of them describe a very dangerous new normal for the planet Earth.

  • Speak to experts
  • People who study climate change often have realized some of the most frightening probabilities for our future before the rest of us. Speak to them. They are often more than willing to sound the alarm and the problem, more often than not is that few people will listen to them. If you have genuine writing to do, send the word out and they may be able to connect you to other professionals who are just as helpful.