Helpful Advice On Citing Research Paper In The APA Format

The APA style of formatting is a specific manner of format style that has its own set of font style, spacing, highlighting, and header positioning, among a variety of other necessary things. When the authorities in charge of reviewing the papers of the doctoral candidates specifically mention that this is the style of format that has to be followed by the students, there is absolutely no scope of deviation, which may lead to penalisation. Hence, the student must be very careful while writing his or her paper.

The APA format

  • The paper on which the student types out his or her thesis and will, thus, bear the research in question must be of a standard size. Now what defines a standard size, varies from university to university but it is, generally, 8.5” x 11”.
  • The font style and size must be cut and clear so as to be legible to the readers. They should be maintained uniformly throughout the paper.
  • Double spacing is a must in the APA format and must be included throughout the entirety of the dissertation.

Conducting a thorough investigation

The whole point of a doctoral thesis is that an elaborate research must be conducted so as to encourage the student to learn about his or her topic in an expansive and concise manner. This opens up a wide scope for the student to garner information on the topic at hand and this should be effectively reproduced on paper. The reviewing authorities must come to know just how much the author of the paper has learnt from his or her doctoral journey.

Staying true to the topic

An APA format implies that the authorities are going to be extremely strict while checking the papers. Hence, students are advised to follow the central topic without being too far-fetched in their interpretations of it. The student’s view is, without a shadow of doubt, appreciated and welcomed but straying too far is not advisable.

Including the sources

Just like any other formatting style, regardless of their specifications, requires the student to cite the sources from which he or she has obtained the secondary information, the APA style does the same. Students must make sure that the names of the other authors, the piece of work from which said information has been derived, and the year of publication or edition must be mentioned clearly.