Free Recommendations On How To Write A 5-7 Page Research Paper

Writing field work papers is one of the challenging tasks that are part of a student’s life. However, when you are a good student, you will be looking for different ways to ensure that the field work papers do not affect your academic performance on a negative way. Here are a few recommendations that will help you some up with an excellent 5-7 page research paper.

Doing the field work

It is important to note that without the proper amount of field work, you will not have enough material to create a 5-7 page paper. When you receive the assignment topic, come up with an interesting thesis statement, in case the teacher didn’t already give you a thesis statement to work on. Get all the reliable sources of information to support your claim:

  • Visit the library and find out all the information you can.

  • Conduct some field work. Take time and organize a visit to the community and carry out a field study on the topic of the thesis. Record the findings, you will use in writing the paper.

  • Go online and learn more about the topic of your dissertation.

Writing the paper

After you have finished your field work, start writing your paper. The first part is the introduction. Most of the times, people find it easier to write an introduction after they have written down the other parts of the paper. However, if you are more comfortable starting with the introduction, talk of the thesis statement and prepare the readers for what you’re about to present to them.

The main body

This is where you will present all the field work findings. This should take about 4 to 5 pages of the assignment. Provide the details of the research you did, break down the data in a way that makes it explicable:

  • Use topics and subtopics to create flow.

  • Paragraph your work according to ideas.

  • Use graphs and other diagrams to explain your points.

The conclusion

This is where you will take a stand depending on whether you want to support the topic of the thesis or disrepute it. The conclusion should be a logical end to all the ideas you have presented.

After the conclusion, make sure that you provide a bibliography. This will not only earn you marks, but will also be a great reference point for anyone that picks your paper to read in the future.