Creating A Proper Cover Page For An APA Research Paper

The APA format has a minimalistic cover with some elements that are indispensable. If you do these well, there is no reason you should not have a great cover page for your academic research paper. While the cover page instructions are pretty basic, students often tend to make a lot of common mistakes which end up in making them lose marks. Here we cover the basics that are needed to compose a good cover page. We also take a look at some of the regular mistakes that students tend to make.

Essentials of the cover page

There are not many things that are demanded of you when you write the cover page of the dissertation. Here is what you will be expected to get right.

Running header: The running header is a must for all APA format cover pages. You will include this in every page of the paper starting from the cover page. This means the running header is there in all pages from the cover to the one where you declare the references.

You can add a running header by clicking thrice in succession in the top part of the paper. This will bring you to the header menu. The running header should only include the shortened title of the paper.

Page number: On the right of the running header and in the same plane, you will have to include the page number. The cover page number will naturally be 1. There are several things that need to be understood here as well. Like the running header, the page number also runs down through the later pages up to the reference page.

Research project title: This is where you write the title of the project. The project title is set in the justified alignment and is bold. Make sure to start the title a little above the middle of the page so that you can place it centrally depending on its length.

Name of the candidate: You should name yourself a couple of lines below the title of the paper. Here too, there is an instruction that needs to be followed. Write your first name, then your middle name and then your last name, all separated with a space character each.

Other particulars: While the above particulars are the must-haves, you will also need a couple of more lines for the name of your institution and the month and year of submission. These come right below your name.