Ideas for an Argumentative Research Paper about Cyberbullying

If you need to compose a research project, it means that you need to convey an investigation of a certain object or a phenomenon, come to certain conclusions, and support your point of view with reliable materials from reference sources. As soon as the project is supposed to be argumentative, it means that you are expected to find a debatable topic, speak out your point of view, and provide evidence that confirms this opinion. The topic determines a lot in this case.

How to Make a Research Paper Successful with the Help of a Topic

Being allowed to choose a topic for the project on your own, treat this part of the assignment with all responsibility. The subject of cyberbullying is still being explored by specialists. It means that there isn’t much reference material that can be useful to you but, at the same time, the risk of choosing a banal and overly explored topic is very small.

While searching for a good topic, give attention to both online and offline reference sources. Try doing research with the help of your favorite search engine and “cyberbullying” as a keyword. You may find a lot of information that will help you compose a good topic.

Ideas of Research Paper Topics

You can also use ready suggestions of project topics or resort to topic generators. These suggestions can either provide you with a nice idea or, at least, with a ready topic. Though it’s not recommended to take topic ideas from open sources that are available to many other users and use them as they are, you can do this in case you have no time for further searching. Check out the list of ideas below, too.

  • Parents should teach their children to oppose cyberbullies on the Internet.

  • The society needs more information regarding the phenomenon of cyberbullying.

  • It’s necessary to develop more automatic programs that detect cyberbullying at public resources.

  • Moderators of public resources should be more attentive to cases of cyberbullying and ban bullies immediately.

  • Cyberbullying is more serious than everybody thinks: suicide and trauma caused by online bullies.

  • Social networks bring potential risks of being cyberbullied.

  • Cyberbullying is a part of offline offense teenagers practice on their peers.

  • Cyberbullying is more powerful than offline offensive practices.

  • Cyberbullying and isolation from the society in the virtual world can be devastating for a child’s personality.

  • Cyberbullying as a never-ending abuse of a child that doesn’t leave the victim alone wherever it is.