Understanding the proper structure of a good research paper in architecture

An architecture research paper when it comes to structure will need to follow a few set rules. However, for the most part it will be similar to all the other papers that you might have written in the past so do keep that in mind whilst working on such a project. So to get the structure right for your next research paper continue reading onwards:

Get templates online

Take a few minutes out of your day to investigate the different locations online where you might be able to find some high quality templates that will already have the structure within it. A template can save you a lot of hassle since you will not need to make any additions to the structure yourself. It is great for first timers as it takes the majority of the work out of the equation. Also is gives you a sense of ease when doing the project which is desirable.

Table of contents

No project of a large size will have the right formatting done if there is no table of content. This is the section of the project that shows all the headings, subheadings and on what page number they are located. If a person is looking for a specific piece of the project then this is the one place where they’ll be able to locate it.

Most word processing software nowadays will have some kind of automated feature that allows a person to create a table of contents in an easy manner. Therefore tae advantage of this automated feature and do not attempt to do it manually as it will take a lot of time to get done.

Headers and footers

The type of info that needs to be entered in the headers and footers, apart from the page numbers, depends on your educational department. So ask your professors for some information about this, and ask them to show you some examples if they have those. This will make sense of the problem very quickly that might otherwise take a while to figure out on your own efforts.