List Of 10 Research Paper Topics Related To Marine Biology

The term marine biology deals with organisms which live in the ocean or rather it can be said that marine biology deals with marine life. This is a very rich area of study and there are so many species of plants as well as organisms that inhabit the ocean. The term deals with not only the trenches deep down but also with the coral reefs and the areas where there is a lot of kelp, in addition to the plants which flower in these salty environments.

Marine biology has a number of areas where dissertation can be carried out. 10 dissertation essay topics are as follows:

  1. Research regarding the coastal region, the resources that are abundant there, what are the effects, causes, advantages and benefits of the dunes, what is the cause of the erosion of the shoreline and so many similar topics.

  2. An essay on the diseases that aquatic and marine life suffers from, homework on the causes of these diseases, how they can be immunized as well as what are the effects of these diseases.

  3. A topic of research could be on the different kinds of oysters, how they can be cultivated

  4. The organisms which abound in the ocean, homework on what are the processes where each of these organisms is connected with the other

  5. What are the dead zones, how many are they, why are they caused, have they increased or decreased and what are the reasons for it

  6. The effect of the change of climate on the level of the sea, a number of rising sea levels, what are the causes, how can it be stemmed, what will be the effects if not controlled.

  7. Freelance work on how nutrients in the coastal region, as well as the estuaries, are being polluted, the cause and effects, how it ties up with the larger picture

  8. The effect of pollution on all life, freelance work on the toxicology, what are the risks as well as the kind of pollutants of the oceans and the ocean beds

  9. How aquatic vegetation is being affected as a result of the rise in temperature as well as waters being polluted

  10. Thesis on how can coastal communities be strengthened and further developed so that they are made stronger and they do not endanger the marine environment.

These and so many other thesis topics can be chosen for marine biology research papers.