Research Paper Topics On High School: Top 25 Questions

Getting a chance of writing on topics for your research paper in high school days is really something to be proud of. For some students, writing a research paper do not seem so exciting. The reasonbehind is that the students cannot come up with a good essay topic. They spend countless hours on research work which dampen the students' interest and zeal to write on a subject. Are you clueless about what topics to attempt, so that you can notch a good score in your paper? Run your eyes through the top 25 research topics to get you started.

  1. What are the side effects of heroin, marijuana and nicotine on the lives of youngsters and how can people stay away from drug addiction?

  2. Why alcohol is a silent killer and how can people wean themselves off from consuming toxic alcohol?

  3. Why white collar jobs are losing its importance and why is it necessary to put an end to crime happening daily in professional industries?

  4. Why people target cyber zones and what are the steps to be taken to stop cyber crimes?

  5. Why imparting knowledge on sex education will help students from falling into the pit of sexual crimes?

  6. Why sexual transmitted diseases are on a rise these days and how a protected sex is a must to prevent STDs?

  7. Why girls under 18 age-group are going through abortions and how to enforce strict laws to stop abortion cases in young girls?

  8. Why the use of internet has been so popular among the users across the globe?

  9. What are the reasons of depression and how can a person come out of a depressing situation?

  10. What is the main reason of the rising pollution and how pollution affects on a physical and mental health of a person?

  11. Can a balanced lifestyle and a healthy diet help she'd extra pounds from your body to keep yourself in shape?

  12. What are the causes which lead to domestic violence and how a person can put an end to domestic violence?

  13. Why you should ingest nutritious foods to keep yourself active and fresh all day long?

  14. Why you should embrace organic foods to give your body the essential nutrition it needs?

  15. Why you should toss out cigarettes from your life in order to protect your lungs and heart from the cancerous effects caused due to baleful tobacco?

  16. How seven hours of sleep can reduce stress and in still a new wave of energy in your body to keep you vigorous throughout the day?

  17. What necessary steps you have to implement in order to adopt a child from an adoption centre?

  18. Why you should follow airline safety measures to have a safe flight?

  19. In what ways gender discrimination is making a negative impact on the society?

  20. How birth control measures will abolish the rising concern of population explosion?

  21. Why family values are imperative to have a peaceful family life?

  22. Why you should opt for in vitro fertilization to enjoy a happy parenthood?

  23. What are the ways to be optimistic and to stay positive all your life?

  24. How to erase poverty from all over the world?

  25. How one can break the barriers of racial discrimination and bring peace in the country?