20 Most Thought-provoking Victorian Literature Research Paper Topics

Picking up a good topic is half of your success in writing a research paper. The Victorian period in literature is very rich and interesting, yet there are many things to be studied and discovered.

General Ways to Decide on a Relevant Research Paper Topic

If you are looking for the perfect topic for your research in Victorian literature, you should carefully revise everything concerning this sphere. Recall the most significant representatives of that time, look through the list of their literary works; perhaps your favorite author or fictional character will inspire you to conduct a deeper investigation.

A wide variety of literary genres and forms may also become your source of topic ideas. As both prose and poetry flourished during that period, it will not be difficult to find something that appeals to your interests and preferences.

  1. The phenomenon of children’s literature during the Victorian era: key authors and features.
  2. Can the literary works of American, Canadian and Australian authors written during the Victorian age be classified as a part of this period of literature?
  3. The influence of scientific and technological advances on the creativity of Charles Dickens.
  4. The most unusual fantastic characters in Victorian gothic literature.
  5. An analysis of Welsh-language poetry in the time of Queen Victoria.
  6. The image of London described in the novels of that period.
  7. A comparative analysis of the poetry of the first and the last decades of the Victorian era.
  8. Differences between mass and elite literature during Queen Victoria’s reign.
  9. The magical world of Lewis Carroll.
  10. Prose fiction vs. poetry: why did novels become the dominant genre of Victorian literature?
  11. A reflection of British life from 1837 to 1901 in drama plays.
  12. Predominant themes and motives of Victorian poetry.
  13. Female writers (besides the Brontë sisters) who contributed to the Victorian literary heritage.
  14. The problem of social inequality in Victorian Britain in terms of literature of that time.
  15. A comparison of Victorian writing tradition to the preceding Georgian literary style.
  16. What plots were the most popular among the readers in the Victorian era?
  17. Comic techniques used by William Thackeray in “Vanity Fair”.
  18. Writers’ links with the royal family and their effect on the success of the authors.
  19. Which social phenomena were criticized most by Thomas Hardy in his novels?
  20. What periods would you distinguish in Victorian literature?