List Of 10 Research Paper Topics About Problems In Our Society

Society as it is today is facing a lot of problems, many of which have their solutions in human capacity to think creatively and solve situations. While many are related to conflicts or wars, other like diseases, poverty, global warming and crime cannot be wished away. In fact, every day, new form of problems that face humanity come up and this makes it harder for people to formulate solutions quickly. Problems that face humans have been there since time immemorial and this means that some problems are as old as the hills. While people always strive to provide alternatives when it comes to solving a particular problem, it should be noted that with the advent of technology and information age, a lot of changes are being witnessed in the way people approach and handle problematic situations.

Fundamentally, problems are everywhere even in academia because there is that student who finds a given subject a big challenge and so, will always be on the lookout for a way out. While another student will look at problems are means to success, some look at them as hindrance to success. On this premise, if you are tasked to come up with research topics bases on problems people face in the society, there is no doubt you will come up with a number of them. The question however is, what is you is assigned research writing based on topics you will have come up with? What is the most viable way to choose something meaningful? Well, to help you with this, we take you through a list of research topics about problems people face in society, so read on for details.

  • Societies in modern world are riddled with a wide range of problems and one area you can base your academic term paper is environmental pollution.

  • Global warming and its causes is another problem facing modern world and in which you can base your research on.

  • HIV/AIDS is also another crucial area you can study in your academic project

  • Terrorism and how governments are trying to curb it is a perfect area to look into

  • Poverty and causes of poverty in third world countries

  • Power, politics and corruption

  • A study on civil war in countries like Syria, Somalia, Iraq and Libya is also a good area

  • Gendered violence and how to curb them

  • Air pollution and effects on human health

  • Illegal immigration via the Mediterranean